What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is an educational and playful approach which proposes to connect specific body mouvements to cerebral fonctions involved in the learning process. The simple and easy mouvements stimulate the interaction between the body and the brain which enhances learning and performance.

Brain Gym® allows people to take responsibilities and gain autonomy by encouraging them to be aware of their state of mind and their physical condition, and by respecting their emotional state and their own rhythm. Thereby, they learn to take care of themselves by taking action whenever they feel the need.

Brain Gym® is a set of 26 fast and energetic exercices to perform. Those exercices are based to help us think, reflect and move up to our potential. The simple mouvements allow children and adults to find themselves in an open and receptive learning state.

The benefits of Brain Gym®:
- Diffuses stress,
- Manages emotions and regulates the energy level,
- Stimulates information flow, releases our innate learning skills and allows us to achieve our optimal
   functional level
- Improves concentration, organisation and communication
- Promotes positive attitude, motivation and self-management
- Increases self-respect and self-confidence
- Supports skills development in reading, writing and mathematics
- Improves gross and fine motor skills
- Personal growth