Brain Gym® in the classroom (6 hours workshop)

During this dynamic one day workshop, the 26 Brain Gym® movements will be presented as well as various classroom applications. The relationship of these exercises to specific academic skills is also explored, in order to facilitate relaxed, easy learning throughout the day. These movements may be used by everyone with or without learning challenges. The ability to focus in a relaxed manner allows for organization of the Brain - Body system in order to facilitate learning. Dr. Paul Dennison’s Brain Gym® stimulates the sensory systems and encourages crossing of the midline in order to enhance concentration, reading, writing, math, communication and whole body coordination.

Exemples of workshop's content :
Self-discovery and technical awareness
- Brain structure and development
- Combinations of exercises for specific academic skills
- Complete and detailed documents to facilitate classroom implementation.

Rediscover the joy of learning!


Schedule : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
cost: 150.00$, repeat: 80,00$

 LaSalle, January 18th 2020 (french)