Brain Gym® 101 : Balance for Daily Life.

Come and experience gentle yet profound self-care through the innovative and fun Brain Gym® Program. During this four-day Program you will learn how to listen to your body as well as stress management techniques using 26 specific movement activities linked to your brain so that you can find your balance to be aligned with your values ​​and who you are.

Throughout this training, you will learn to become autonomous and to set positive, active, clear and motivating goals, you will improve your concentration, your understanding, your organization, your listening, your vision and your ability to express yourself by accessing to your full potential, which will allow you to move in the desired direction and achieve results beyond your expectations with ease and safely.

You will explore alone and in groups at your own pace the next learnings you will need to build the life you deserve.

"Balance for Daily Life" is a Brain Gym® training open to all those who want to see beautiful, lasting changes in their lives. It is aimed at parents as well as professionals (artists, athletes, managers, educators, teachers, coaches, etc.).

So, are you ready to become the agent of your own change? This training is the first step to obtain Brain Gym® certification. A certificate will be issued by "Brain Gym International".


 Schedule: 9 am to 5 pm
  Regular fee: $ 650.00 plus tax, repeat: $ 375.00 plus tax 
 LaSalle, July 7-10, 2020 (In French)