Movement Exploration level 1.

The Development and Integration of our early Movement Patterns as a foundation for learning and self management.

Explore and deepen your noticing skills for observation of self and students.
Experience a dynamic tool that encourages self-management.
Dicover a dynamic system that promotes and develops opportunities for stress free learning.

Course content:

- Understand your students' learning and behavior challenges from an enriched perspective.
- Basic Movement patterns and the underlying reflexes from pre-birth to present; their impact on learning in our daily life.
- Stress and the challenge to movement and Learning.
- Noticing process - deepen our understanding of our physical body as a foundation to learning.
- Core Activation refinement which correlates with our development for a deeper integration of movement and learning.
- Movement education for daily life.

Presented by: Catherine Herrera Turgeon


 Schedule: de 9:00 à 18:00
  Regular fee: $ 650.00 plus tax, repeat: $ 350.00 plus tax